Villa Hügel Essen

Location: Essen
Project year: 2008
Surface: 8.100 m²

Scope of performance: Heating/Ventilation/Cooling, Flow simulations

The Villa Huegel in Essen's district Bredeney was built in 1873 and it is the former living quarters and representative building of the industrial family Krupp. The site includes the main house, a minor house and a two-storey connecting building. Since 1953, the first two buildings were chosen by the family to host exibitions. The Ruhr Cultural Foundation, established in 1984, organizes regular exhibitions and concerts in Villa Hügel. Due to the uncontrollable inner climatic conditions, the exibition have so far not been planned during winter.

The exhibition area should be structurally and technically upgraded with system engineering, so that displays can take place all year long and a conservational climate condition can be achieved. Objects of the analysis were the thermal and hygroscopic behavior of the exhibition area as well as the involved components. The existing physical conditions were to be taken in consideration, and some necessary measures needed to be developed for historical monuments. The air duct of the air conditioning was to be considered under the limitations of the existing conditions.