Scharoun Schule, Lünen

Education, Monuments
Location: Lünen
Project year: 2010

Performance scope: Comfort Analysis, Financing, Energy Concept, Sound Protection, Heat Protection/Insulation, Thermal Bridges, EnEV, Quality Control

The building was conceived between 1956 and 1962 as two spacious high schools for gils, and is currently used as a comprehensive school. Since 1985, the building is a registered historical building. It includes two classroom wings on the ground floor and one upstairs, an assembly hall, the central recreation hall, administrative offices and workshops designed as lecture rooms.

The feasibility study has been carried out analysing one of the special classrooms, particularly conceived by the architect to serve as multi-purpose learning environment. This room has been taken as exemplary detail for the restoration concept. All relevant structural and technical conditions were ascertained and checked in the implementation in terms of feasibility, preservation of historical monuments and usability.