Heating, Cooling, Ventilation

Each building is unique in its architecture and technology, as well as its location and local climatic conditions, and finally also in its history. Light, air, heat and sound are the parameters that affect the users’ well-being in the built environment. The main comfort conditions include mild temperatures in winter and summer and a good indoor air quality, which is why heating, cooling and ventilation have to be planned contextually.

In our climate zone, almost every building requires a minimum amount of technical systems. The minimum requirement is to avoid building physics-related structural damage. With increasing comfort needs on the one hand and energetic efficiency preconditions on the other, planning technical building equipment becomes more sophisticated and challenging. The exact analysis of the needs, the agreement of standards and the design of a tailored system form the basis of an energy concept, which is also integrated with design. The simple principle "as little as possible, as much as necessary" is specifically balanced for each project.

To harmonize building and user with each other: this is what the integrated design stands for, and we work for it with Passion.