Building Physics

Building Physics treats far more than just the classic building physical aspects such as heat, humidity, sound and light. Through the energy saving regulations, physics becomes the link between architecture and building services. An interdisciplinary collaboration between architects, building engineers and other design professionals puts into practice innovative solutions for analysis, design and execution, and any related questions regarding energy concepts, building simulation, lighting design and façade design both in new buildings and in the renovation and modernization of existing buildings.


  • Verification of legal requirements
  • Prevention against building damage
  • Structural design optimization

Our performances

  • Insulation and humidity protection according to DIN 4108
  • Sound insulation according to DIN 4109
  • Daylighting according to DIN 5034
  • EnEV Certificate
  • Energy pass
  • Acoustic according to DIN 18041
  • 2D und 3D calculation of thermal bridges