Building certification

The building certification serves as an objective description and evaluation of the sustainability of buildings. The criteria for assessing the sustainability can be very different, in quantity and weighting, depending on the certification system. Worldwide, there are many certification procedures. Internationally known are the American LEED, the British BREEAM and the German DGNB / BNB system.

Nationally, the system of the German Society for Sustainable Building (DGNB) was established for private constructions, while federal buildings are certified according to the Rating System for Sustainable Building (BNB). The two systems are almost identical, apart from few exceptions, and are based on the approach of viewing the building as a whole. Environmental quality, life cycle costs, health and comfort standards, technical quality and building operation are evaluated.

The building auditing, i.e. the verification of compliance with the sustainability criteria, is carried out by a person trained in all aspects of sustainability, the auditor or the auditor. Here the auditor should be involved as soon as possible in the planning process, so that crucial decisions can be considered and evaluated at an early stage and with regard to the sustainability aspects.

Aside from the audit, more specialized services are also required to meet the sustainability criteria. e² energieberatung GmbH offers these performances on request, all from a single source. Moreover, we can amend common of sustainability issues and their impact on the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), and minimize interface losses with our core performance.